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Bizarro, mind telling how to use the Item filter? I’ve tried everything, only works when I tick Filter Everything… >.<

u need to edit the filter list by clicking the top right icon (open filter file)on the filter window.
it will pop out a filter.txt. so find ur items u want to filter, remove ‘;’ before it, then press save.

reload the filter list by either turn on F7 or press refresh icon on the filter window

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what does Evanbot do? ~_~

it only works with an evan, makes all evan skill attacks as dem(full map)
with F5 evanbot on, all u need is F2 auto attack + UA

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UA not working? AutoResposition not working?

AutoReposition is repositioning yourself after each autocc/ cashshop in F1 to a set of pre-defined positions

autokey Ctrl 1-9 set up to 10 positions (don’t need to use all ), ctrl + ~ reset to 0 (use this everytime i wanna set ur point first)

u will hear a beep after one position is correctly set. hover ur mouse over the point u want, press Ctrl 1. then another point, ctrl 2…

By tick autoreposition, UA is based on that point too each time it tries to walk back to the position u set each time it goes over attack limit
if autoreposition is not ticked, UA will be based on the point u first turned on UA, so it will try to walk back to there each time it goes over attack limit

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can i run multiple maples with multiple BT on one computer? how

yes with the unlimited license start ur 2nd BT.exe, set up path, license and press star as u would with the first one.
do the same for 3,4,5,…

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i got authorization failed, says error 1 erro 2 error 0, what does it mean?

/error 1 password
//error 0 empty user/pass
//error 2 expired
//error 3 hwid not matched
//error 4 invalid hwid length
//error 5 crc not matched
//error 6 error username =null
//error 7 you stole my main.

make sure ur license acc and pass is entered on top right and pressed SAVE.
run trainer with Admin
for visa/win7, MUST turn off UAC (google will help)

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i got old ver detected error?

it could be because 2 things. one ur trainer version is outdated, another is trainer server is down(not responsive, u can’t do anything about that)

so check ur trainer version first, open Bt.exe. right click on it -> update
if a window pops up showing ur current ver and newest ver, update it, download and extract the new one.
if no window pops up, that means the server is down.

if someone can make a server checking php page for me, that would be great,

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why Vac 2.0 d/c me sometimes in the map?

why Vac 2.0 d/c me sometimes in the map?try set up the vac at bottom level.
if it dc, try another vac position

again vac 2.0 support most mobs that jmp and some that walk.
but not ALL maps. if u tried reposition the vac, and it still dc, then that map is not available to use Vac 2.0.
bot another map or use another method botting (ie F4,F5, fly vac)

Quote Originally Posted by Kenny View Post
Do you need to change channel or go to cash shop when using Vac 2.0 ? Because I’ve got 3 account A/B last night.

do not turn on and off with the vac on the same map too often, and u don’t need to cc.

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Inject0r for these

Q: What is autobot?
A: It’s the kami bot, it will teleport you to monsters and loot items by teleporting you to them also.

Q: How does Kami Work
A: Click the cross hair on the right side, then put 0 for bottom and left. The top is your Y coordinate, and the right is your X coordinate. Leave attack range alone. You must have auto attack/loot on for it to attack/loot.

Q: How do i change dupex vac spot for fixed?
A: Simple, just turn it off and change channels. Then walk to where you want it to vac to and turn the vac on.

Q: I was using dupex vac, and I got a/bed for a day. Why is this?
A: If you use dupex, and the mobs are falling off the platform, it will a/b for a day. Turn on Mob No KB or move to a bigger platform or a platform with a wall.

Q: Why am I d/cing with dupex?
A: Dupex works on jumping mobs. It will d/c on most non-jumping mobs.

Q: How do I change fly vac spot?
A: Hover over the spot with your mouse and press Ctrl+Q

Q: How do I reset auto reposition platforms?
A: Press Ctrl+~ or type into the command box plat 0. You can also hover your mouse over a spot and type in plat 1, 2, 3, etc. to set those as auto reposition spots

Q: I’m getting a new computer in a few days, can I change HWIDs?
A: No, you can’t change computers with BT until your subscription expires.

Q: How do I add my license?
A: Follow this thread http://www.w8baby.com/forums/showthr…d-your-license

Q: When I minimize BT, it disappears. How do i prevent this?
A: It doesn’t actually disappear, it moves to your system tray.

Q: My autopotter keeps overpotting, how do I stop this?
A: Change the delay to 1500ms.


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