These Include:[/B] for v89.1

1 .Auto CC
-GM detection also included, cc upon detection along with cc Alert. make you bot with no worry

2. Auto attack and macros
-skill hacks(for any jobs) macro also included

3. Auto pot all customized
-pet pot also included

4. Autobot (Kami customized)
-character item vac also included

5. Evan bot
-makes all evan skills hit all mobs in a map

6. Godmode (No a/b)
– 2 version included. Godmode 2(boss) godmode 1(botting) both no ab

7. Filter all customized (can filter meso, scrolls, etc and everything else)

8. Auto login u back whenever u dc
-minimized login also includeed for multi maple users

9. Auto fly around

10. Revive yourself whenever you die in the same map

11. Save all your settings

12. Auto close

13. Multi-maple bot
why bot only 1 maplestory when u can have the same botting experiences x5 or x10 on the same computer?
you can start as many maplestory as you want, set up the same vacs/bots, watch all of your character botting/lvling at the same time
/only available with unlimited licenses

14. Aran BP hack
pg like hack for the aran skill to kill/lvl extremely fast


auto rusher -> takes u from henesys to barlog within 2 sec

-newly improvely rusher that takes no time to reach ur destination
-now also supports any maps including(FM, minidungoen)
-auto po rushback also include for easy going back to town for reportting after botting

auto inject any plugin dll

auto drop customized meso bags

auto chat cutomizable

auto attack range settings for kami and vacs (top/left/bottom/right)


box killer– kill every single box and reactors in any maps once activated

pin type

mob lag– lags all mobs in the map

mob no fightback – makes any mob/boss unable to fight you back with magic or chase you

mob no kb

Damage revmove – removes any damages displaying(removes any lags)

pet item vac (item vac the whole map)

UA(unlimited attack)


Vac 2.0 – comes with both fixed position(melee character) and follow + ranged(other ranged chacter) versions
– dupex like vaccing all the mobs in one close spot
– no cc required, no ab

fly Vac – vacs all flying mobs , use cltr +Q to set up the vac position

Spvac 1.0 – brand new vac that will set any mob to spawn in anyplace u want
– no cc required, no ab
– will be included in the new ver


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